Backing Up Your Computer

A few weeks ago, I was almost a victim of my own procrastination. Poor me, right? I almost lost all my files off my computer. I calmly told myself everything was going to be alright but visions of design projects, first photos of our son, and many other files ran through my head. I was fortunate enough to have a knight in shining armor come to my rescue; my brother-in-law, but I was very disappointed in myself for never backing up my computer. I had thought about doing it many times, but never took action. So please, take heed and back up your computer!

There are so many different ways to back up your computer and honestly, it is easy. I got an external hard drive called the G Drive Slim, 500GB. It was just over $100. You are advised to get a drive with twice as much space as you have stored on your computer. Since I use a Mac, the best system for me to use is Time Machine. Here is a link to take you step by step to choosing the right system for your computer and how to make it happen. Article: How to Back Up Your Computer

Something important to note, this way is not disaster proof. A fire could take both your computer and your external hard drive. Another great solution is "The Cloud" you hear many talk about. It is online storage for your data and many do have a cost associated. I use iCloud but there are many others available. Just do a quick search online and you will find many.

Your initial sync will take a significant amount of time. I suggest doing it overnight, but make sure it is a time when you do not really need to use your computer to avoid frustration!

So go forward friends and back up your memories, hard work and entertainment!
Kelcey | Co-Owner
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